Conti FtpServer

Conti FtpServer 1.0

File Transfer Protocol server for Windows

Conti FtpServer is a powerful software program which can be used as a multi-threaded File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for Windows. With this program, you can distribute different files like music, pictures, documents, videos, movies, etc.

on the Internet or on your network. The software includes parts and functions from CONTI libraries, and its main features can be installed whenever they are needed.

It provides an easy setup for user accounts and helps you customize different user settings or permissions like Read, Write, Delete or Make Directory.

Conti FtpServer includes an HTML help and internal support for running HTML without using a browser. It can also run in the background of your PC, it can be run by a person without advanced computer skills, and it may be loaded automatically on Windows startup.

The program also supports both multithreaded downloads and uploads. Conti FtpServer can be used by people running small or big businesses, and it can also be used in your home.